The time-warping indie hit is coming to PC between February and March, while a PS3 version isn’t planned but is still a possibility.

PC gamers who like to drink and get drunk or smoke and get high, you now have your game. Braid, 2008’s one-stop videogame shop for “games are art, dammit” arguments and devilishly difficult time-manipulation puzzles, is coming to PC in the very near future. “At this time, we’re looking at a window of February-March 2009 for the PC release,” developer Jonathan Blow wrote on the Braid blog. “I know this isn’t good news for those of you who have been waiting a long time for the game, but there sure are lots of games out there for you to play in the meantime.”

Braid originally debuted on Xbox Live Arcade, and a PC version had been ready for some time since, but Blow didn’t think there was a good release window until now. “I had originally announced the release date for the end of 2008, but for various reasons, this hasn’t happened,” Blow wrote. “Once we slipped into mid-October and all the big Christmas-season blockbusters started coming out, it just seemed like a bad idea to schedule Braid for that time period, as it seems likely it’d get released and then disappear.”

Blow also mentioned that work was beginning on a Mac version of Braid, saying that he’s hiring someone to port his code and that “the release date for this would be hopefully not long after the PC version.”

No mention of how Blow plans to distribute the game, but considering he’s already done the Xbox Live thing, we can presume that it’ll hit the popular digital distribution channels, unless Blow intends to sell it himself.

Finally, Blow also discussed the status of a PS3 version of Braid, saying that there are “no plans for other platforms in the near future,” though a PS3 version “a little later on” remains a possibility. This, however, isn’t Blow’s call but rather Sony’s, as Braid on PS3 wholly “depends on whether Sony is interested in the game.”

[Via VideoGamer]

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