Breaking Bad Spinoff Series Greenlit by AMC


Better Call Saul isn’t just an iconic catch-phrase, it’s a working title for Breaking Bad‘s upcoming prequel.

Watching the final episodes of a beloved television show is usually bittersweet: You don’t want the series to end, but you also know that if keeps going, eventually it’ll start to suck. That’s why the AMC drama Breaking Bad is ending this month at its height, before Walter White’s convoluted schemes start to lose their luster. That being said, AMC isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to Breaking Bad‘s extended cast just yet. The network thinks fan-favorite character Saul Goodman could be the star of a recently greenlit Breaking Bad prequel, currently using the working title Better Call Saul!

For any readers not following Breaking Bad right now (all six of you), Goodman is a criminal defense lawyer with a special emphasis on the “criminal” side of his practice. Played by Bob Odenkirk, Goodman filled a much-needed comic relief role across several tense storylines, quickly becoming one of Breaking Bad‘s most popular characters. Better Call Saul, if all goes as planned, would be a one-hour prequel series exploring how Goodman became the disreputably charming scumbag fans know and love.

Series creator Vince Gilligan and writer-producer Peter Gould have long considered a prequel spinoff, but I remain skeptical about its prospects. Goodman’s character worked very well as a foil to Walter White’s sinister nature, but that doesn’t mean Goodman’s cheesy demeanor can carry an entire series on its own. Hopefully I’ll feel differently once a pilot airs, but at least making Better Call Saul a prequel helps avoid Breaking Bad spoilers. You know, just in case Goodman ends up in a tub of hydrofluoric acid during the September 29th finale.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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