Bring Down Militia Zones in Arkham Knight With These Map Coordinates

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Bring down militia barriers polluting the fine streets of Gotham City with these map locations and coordinates for the Arkham Knight side mission ‘Own the Roads’.

Put an end to the Arkham Knight’s occupation by clearing these heavily guarded street-level sanctuaries. Unlike the other militia jobs, it might take one of several strategies to clear these ex-military thugs. Sometimes they’re armed with guns, other times they’ll have massive automated rocket towers protecting them. Either way, you (or your smashing Batmobile) can clear them out completely with the twenty locations below.

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‘Own the Roads’ Militia Checkpoints Locations Guide

There are three Militia Case Files in Gotham that become available as the main story progresses. They are; Own the Roads, Occupy Gotham, and Campaign for Disarmament. Complete all three to face-off against the new leader of the Militia — Deathstroke.

Militia Checkpoints appear in Founders’ Island, Miagani Island, and eventually on Bleak Island. Play through the main story to make every checkpoint appear in the list below.

The checkpoints are varied challenges; sometimes you’ll face Militia in a brawl, other times they’ll have turret support or heavy weapons. Batman can’t destroy huge gun emplacements without the Batmobile, remember that as you clear the locations in the full list below.

Checkpoint Locations

Explore the coordinates below to find red-light Militia zones. Use Detective Vision to scan the area; check to see if the Militia are armed with rifles or protected by turrets.

Certain checkpoints require the Batmobile if they’re guarded by massive turret emplacements — reach a higher location and drive down into the checkpoint to clear it out.

  • Checkpoint #1: Founders’ Island – X:2681, Y:1881
  • Checkpoint #2: Founders’ Island – X:2127, Y:1802
  • Checkpoint #3: Founders’ Island – X:2259, Y:1852
  • Checkpoint #4: Founders’ Island – X:2259, Y:2012
  • Checkpoint #5: Founders’ Island – X:2543, Y:1777
  • Checkpoint #6: Founders’ Island – X:2856, Y:1882
  • Checkpoint #7: Founders’ Island – X:2516, Y:1458
  • Checkpoint #8: Founders’ Island – X:2047, Y:1634
  • Checkpoint #9: Miagani Island – X:3166, Y:2246
  • Checkpoint #10: Miagani Island – X:2875, Y:2901
  • Checkpoint #11: Miagani Island – X:3175, Y:2571
  • Checkpoint #12: Miagani Island – X:2959, Y:2179
  • Checkpoint #13: Miagani Island – X:3132, Y:2009
  • Checkpoint #14: Miagani Island – X:2778, Y:2309
  • Checkpoint #15: Miagani Island – X:3488, Y:2412
  • Checkpoint #16: Miagani Island – X:2726, Y:2647
  • Checkpoint #17: Bleake Island – X:1956, Y:2322
  • Checkpoint #18: Bleake Island – X:2055, Y:2066
  • Checkpoint #19: Bleake Island – X:2150, Y:2150
  • Checkpoint #20: Bleake Island – X:1759, Y:2268

Trophies / Achievements Unlocked

Streets of Gotham (Bronze / 10 points):
Destroy all of the militia checkpoints.

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