Brink isn’t just about guns and shooting people with those guns. Sometimes you need to throw a fire-bomb, too.

When I checked out Splash Damage’s Brink last year, I found that it was a potentially promising team-based shooter that worked well when your team was firing on all cylinders, but could be frustrating when it wasn’t.

This latest trailer for the Bethesda-published quasi-futuristic FPS shows off some of the alternate abilities that characters can equip for an extra leg up in combat. For the most part, it’s exactly the sort of things that you’d expect from a game like Brink – you have Molotov cocktails, sticky bombs that you can throw onto a guy’s face for some extra Schaudenfreude.

You can drop a sentry turret a la TF2‘s Engineer, though the appropriate countermeasure is much cooler than the TF2 Spy’s Sapper – you don’t just destroy the turret; you hack it to turn against the people who deployed it in the first place.

Perhaps the most useful ability is the most cringe-worthy: By jabbing a syringe full of adrenaline into your heart, you can come back from the brink (har har) of death. I don’t know about you, but after stabbing myself with a needle, I really wouldn’t feel like shooting a gun at all, let alone engaging in Brink‘s fast-paced, flowing parkour.

Either way, Brink is out May 17 here in the US, and May 20 in Europe, on PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.


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