The Royal Mail is celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who with commemorative stamps and special postmarks of all the actors who have played The Doctor.

You won’t find too many television programs that can match the run of the venerable Doctor Who. It debuted in 1963, ran until 1989, then went off the air until its return in 2005, from whence it has continued to run to this very day. It is nothing short of a phenomenon, spawning a host of novels, several spin-off shows and, perhaps best of all, giving the world the Daleks and their famed call to arms, “Exterminate!”

And so it is that the Royal Mail has decided to mark The Doctor’s golden anniversary with a series of stamps bearing the image of every actor to ever play the character and unique postmarks for each of their hometowns. A 12th stamp sports the TARDIS and four of The Doctor’s most famous adversaries: the Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and Ood.

The stamps feature the images of ten guys who look like The Doctor plus Christopher Eccleston, who looks more like he’s going to beat some sense into your ass – how did he ever get this job, anyway? – each laid over backgrounds taken from the opening sequences that ran during their tenures. The postmarks, meanwhile, will be applied to all stamped mail sent from each actor’s hometown, so all correspondence coming from David Tennant’s home of Bathgate, for instance, will bear a 50th anniversary mark and Tennant’s name.

The stamp set, like the show, is extremely popular, bringing in three times as many preorders as any previous commemorative set ever released by the Royal Mail. Oh, and you’d like a set for yourself? You’re welcome.

Source: David Tennant News Updates

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