British Newspaper Predicts £260 PS3 Slim


British newspaper the Daily Telegraph predicts that the rumoured ‘slim’ version of the PlayStation 3 will retail for £260.

This prediction follows news from Taiwan that Sony have bought enough PS3 parts to build a million consoles in the third quarter of 2009, far above the amount purchased over the last three months. According to the Telegraph, the console is expected to retail for £260 (approximately $440) for the 40Gb version, with an 80Gb version also likely.

This fresh speculation follows an appearance of a listing for a ‘PlayStation 3 – Konsole Slim” on the German language version of Amazon. The veracity of the listing was questionable, as it featured no details regarding price or release date, and featured a fan created image. The listing was quickly removed, but a cached version of it can still be viewed.

If the Telegraph’s predictions are correct, it begs the question of whether a £40 ($67) reduction in price is sufficient to entice consumers into buying the device, especially considering that recent reports suggest that the cost of manufacturing a regular PS3 is almost half the predicted price.

Source: The Telegraph

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