German private equity firm Brockhaus purchases a chunk of cdv Software Entertainment.

cdv Software Entertainment AG, an interactive entertainment service provider, has sold 100,000 shares and 239,800 partial debentures to Frankfurt-based private equity fund Brockhaus Private Equity. The Brockhaus’ Private Equity fund focuses on investing in fast-growing, medium-sized businesses in Germany and Europe, a sector which includes the reorganized cdv Software Entertainment.

Marco Brockhaus, founder and managing director of Brockhaus Private Equity, explained his fund’s investment in the game provider. “It was the business model paired with experienced management that convinced us. In our opinion, cdv fills a market gap in the games sector that promises huge growth potential.”

cdv’s new Chief Executive Officer Christian Gloe said, “In Brockhaus Private Equity we have gained a strategically valuable institutional investor that takes the long-term view. This commitment to cdv not only corroborates our own perspective, but shows that cdv is once again an interesting investment prospect attractive to institutional investors.”

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