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Upgrade your dream metropolis in Cities: Skylines with these unlockable features, policies, buildings and services.

Every massive megapolis has to start somewhere, and Cities beginners might find themselves lacking certain services and fixtures at the start. Getting airports and power plants requires population, and hitting milestones adds more options to the mayoral table. See everything that’s unlockable in Cities: Skylines with the bonuses list below and truly master your town’s fiscal destiny.

Unlockable Population Bonuses

Note: Reach these population milestones to upgrade your city area and unlock buildings, policies, features and services.

Little Hamlet – Population: 500

    Buildings Unlocked: Landfill Site, Elementary School, Medical Clinic
    Features Unlocked: Taxes, Loans
    Services Unlocked: Education, Garbage, Healthcare

Worthy Village – Population: 1000

    Buildings Unlocked: Level 1 Unique Buildings, Fire House, Police Station
    Features Unlocked: Second Loan, Districts
    Services Unlocked: Fire Department, Police Department
    Policies Unlocked: Services, Power Usage, Smoke Detector, Water Usage, Distribution
    Zoning Unlocked: Forestry, Agriculture

Tiny Town – Population: 1300

    Buildings Unlocked: Level 2 Unique Buildings, High School
    Features Unlocked: Decoration
    Policies Unlocked: Smoking Ban, Decorations, Pet Ban, Parks & Recreation

Boom Town – Population: 2400

    Buildings Unlocked: Level 3 Unique Buildings, Turbine, Advanced Wind Turbine, Bus Depot, Cemetery
    Services Unlocked: Bus, Transport
    Policies Unlocked: Recreational Use, Recycling
    Zoning Unlocked: Ore Industry
    Roads Unlocked: Cloverleaf, Intersection, Highway, Highway Ramp, Three-Way Intersection, Large Roundabout

Busy Town – Population: 4600

    Buildings Unlocked: Level 4 Unique Buildings, Oil Power Plant, Hospital, Police Headquarters, Fire Station
    Features Unlocked: City Planning Policies
    Policies Unlocked: Heavy Traffic Ban, Free Public Transport
    Zoning Unlocked: Oil Industry
    Roads Unlocked: Highway w/ Sound Barrier, Decorative Road

Big Town – Population: 7000

    Buildings Unlocked: Level 5 Unique Buildings, Incineration Plant, University, Metro Station
    Features Unlocked: Taxation Policies
    Services Unlocked: Metro
    Policies Unlocked: Education Boost, Tax Raise, Tax Relief,
    Zoning Unlocked: Residential, High Density Residential, High Density Commercial, Office

Small City – Population: 10000

    Buildings Unlocked: Level 6 Unique Buildings, Hydro Power Plant, Train Station, Cargo Train Terminal
    Services Unlocked: Train
    Features Unlocked: Big Business Benefactor, Small Business Enthusiast, High Tech Housing, Highrise Ban, Industrial Space Planning

Big City – Population: 16000

    Buildings Unlocked: Water Treatment, Plant, Crematorium

Grand City – Population: 19000

    Buildings Unlocked: Solar Power Plant
    Features Unlocked: Third Loan

Capital City – Population: 30000

    Buildings Unlocked: Harbor, Cargo Harbor
    Services Unlocked: Ship

Colossal City – Population: 40000

    Buildings Unlocked: Nuclear Power Plant

Metropolis – Population: 65000

    Buildings Unlocked: Airport
    Services Unlocked: Planes

Megapolis – Population: 80000

    Features Unlocked: Monuments

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Kevin Thielenhaus is a freelance writer for The Escapist. Find him on Twitter here.

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