Crafter FVDisco’s autopiano is massive, complicated, and really very charming.

Since its release last year, Minecraft has sold over 2.5 million copies and allowed its creator to found his own games studio (which, incidentally, won our March Mayhem competition this year). It’s about to come to the Xbox Live Arcade with Kinect, and is also making its way into mobile platforms. If you’re ever tempted to ask yourself why or how a game that consists solely of moving boxes around became such a phenomenon, this video presents at least part of the answer: You can make just about anything in Minecraft.

Case in point: FVDisco’s shiny new autopiano, seen here playing J.S. Bach’s Air on A G-String. This impressive structure uses crafted versions of standard “piano rolls” (as used in real-world autopianos) to create simple melodies across a full piano keyboard. The result is in turns charming, impressive and, well, really cool.

For more insanely complicated and sweet creations from FVDisco (including a music sequencer and a slot machine), check out their YouTube channel or Facebook page.

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