If the combination of BioShock and Monopoly strikes you as a natural fit, then you need to try out BioShock Monopoly!

Boardwalk? Park Place? Feh. Passé! Sander Cohen’s apartment is really where it’s at these days, which is why you should be playing BioShock Monopoly, a total conversion of the classic board game that replaces all the properties you know and love with locations from the underwater hellscape known as Rapture.

Skip the railways and swing by Sinclair Solutions or Tennenbaum’s Safehouse. And instead of paying your utility bills, you can drop your hard-earned cash on El Ammo Bandito or the Circus of Values! It’s all here: the Grand Foyer, Arcadia Glens, the Artemis Suites and even an awaiting medical bill delivered by an unpleasant man in a bloody surgical gown!

And how much sweat of your brow will be needed to take this baby home? None, actually. The package was put together by a BioShock fan named KatMann and it’s absolutely free from the Rapture City Archives. It’s old, yes – it appears to have been made back in 2010 – but it’s also very cool, and that’s good enough for me.

via: Kotaku

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