Build Notes Sept 26


Build Notes for the update posted September 26

We have performed an update to the AC2 Beta. Please read on for details.

If we did not pummel the Lag Beast this time, we gave it a painful wedgie. Autoattack will also be less impaired now even if lag returns. Once again, to try to stir the beast from its foul lair, we want to load up the Red world to full capacity. For this reason we will not re-open the Blue world for play until we get Red filled to the point where we start to lag again.

We regret to inform you that we
had no choice but to do a character wipe – the last one we will do until we
launch the game. However until the next update (next week) we will boost all
new characters to level 20 upon leaving the Training Hall. We also must download
a lot of data to you on the “snowy scene” screen. See this article for details:

Though you will be level 20, don’t run right out to Omishan-you still have starter equipment! We could not address this easily. Gradually work your way up through tougher and tougher monsters to pick up better and better loot. Beware dying a lot! Bad equipment + bad vitae = toast. If you end up in a “vitae hole”, beg for a fellowship with another kind adventurer to help you out. Quests such as Vaults are also a good way to gain XP and erase vitae.

Apart from the XP given out by fighting monsters, there are no major balance changes this update. We are working hard on some more significant changes for the next update, however. Relax in Linvak Massif-and curse the Nefane in Omishan-while you can, since the difficulty of the former will go up and the latter go down in next week’s update.

Here are significant changes/fixes. These are all the fixes and changes since the last build we had on the Red and Blue worlds.

· Advancement through the levels will be a bit slower as monsters give out less XP. However we still hope that advancement comes at a satisfying pace. Quests (including Vaults) still give out the same or more XP than before.

· Several causes of “neverending portals” fixed. A few may remain which we are tracking down; see Known Issues.

· The cause for the “Your character is still being saved” bug has been fixed. Rare cases may remain; please report them.

· Many causes of ac2client.exe crashes fixed. Please try again to use your favorite graphics and audio/music settings.

· It should be much easier to hit monsters while you are chasing them. The reverse may also be true but the change is intended to favor the players.

· New “Scenery Draw Distance” setting available. This can improve frame rate.

· The “adaptive degrade” option is less likely to produce odd-looking effects. It can improve frame rate, so give it a whirl.

· Fixed some miscellaneous graphical artifacts and minor compatibility problems with Matrox Parhelia graphics card.

· Fixed skills: Banish, Singularity, Dominance, Invulnerability, Call, Blessings of the Empyrean, Oubliette, Polarity Shift, Bluff (and similar monster-forget-me skills), Self-Destruct.

· Many skills are supposed to require a direct line of sight to work. They were broken. They are now fixed, and require line of sight as designed.

· All summoned creatures can now fire missiles in all directions.

· These skills can now be cast with any item in hand: Tenaciousness, Shield Wall, all Kingdom skills.

· Vampiric Swarm drains faster, uses less vigor.

· Parallax/Dim Rift do extra damage after Conduct.

· Ire does extra damage after Sigil.

· Eclipse and Caligation do their extra damage after Penumbra.

· Guardian Spirit will heal more often.

· Fixed quests: Relics of the Golden Age, Spirit of Hakemi, Obelisk Search, Sanguine Fang.

· The Frostbound One will bestow the quest only after you have completed Lodrog the Forsaken   quest.

· Burun Despoilment quest gives greater reward.

· Master of Doctrine reward no longer leaves a permanent effect icon in your UI.

· Fixed dungeons/Vaults: Lumari Spill, Naderu, Lost Wish, Tou-Tou, The Hovel, Vermin Nest. Nepeth Strata, Oriad.

· Vaults generate their bosses faster and should no longer have the “boss on a lunch break” syndrome.

· Vermin in Training Hall drop (nonmagical) jewelry, not potions. Only worth 1 gold so move along; you get better loot outside.

· The Request Assistance panel should now work again. Note the selectable categories-please use these to assure a quick response.

· Several pretty weapon effects fixed so you can see them.

· Many Lifestones in Prosper cleared of monsters.

· You should not need to wait at a black “Please Wait…” screen before seeing in-game movies.

· The AC2 configuration utility now allows you to set “Override default authentication system network port”. However, this has no effect yet.

· Selecting EAX in configuration utility will now enable it in the game.

· Workshops take more fuel and burn it faster.

· All Omishan lifestones have a level 15 requirement to use; Linvak Massif, level 30. This prevents lost souls from lifestoning in a place they will never escape alive.

· A few map note fixes were made.

· Cesta love restored: they can now be made special by quests, just like their non-scoop-like cousins.

· Monsters are less likely to try to attack from too far away in dungeons.

· For a change, we did not do anything for Tumerok females this time, though some say their skin is somewhat silkier.

· The left shift key can now be used once again. Huzzah!

For a list of the top known issues/problems with the current Beta build, be sure to see the Known Issues page

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