Building the Perfect Videogame Babe


Electronic Arts concept artist Joey Spiotto has posted a glimpse into the creation of Kendra Daniels of Dead Space, chosen by Maxim as one of the Hottest Videogame Babes of 2008.

Spiotto’s creation is right at home on the list that also includes digital hotties like Anya Stroud from Gears of War 2, Zoey of Left 4 Dead fame, Chun-Li and Lola Del Rio, the lollipop girl from Grand Theft Auto IV. But what exactly is involved in putting together a videogame character who’s so well put-together?

“I was given a brief description of the character, her traits, role in the game, and a bit about her personality,” the artist wrote on his blog. “Then I sat down and cranked out a bunch of ideas in rough sketches. The art director and I would then sift through the pages of sketches, picking out what we liked about certain ideas, shelving the ones that didn’t quite work.”

Eventually they settled on three concepts that “felt right” for the character and Spiotto moved on to hairstyles. Once that was finished, “modeling packets” were assembled so the character could be modeled in 3-D, with texture details included to ensure the texture artist could accurately recreate the materials in Kendra’s uniform. Kendra’s face was provided by actress Tonantzin Carmelo, who also suited up for motion capture duties.

The end result was perhaps a little more heavily bump-mapped than Spiotto’s original vision, but who am I to argue with success? Have a look at the whole thing right here.

via: GameSetWatch

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