Bungie Teases Possible Halo 3 Expansion


A suspenseful 12 hour countdown on the Halo developer’s site has left an even bigger tease for fans this morning.

Yesterday, a familiarly cryptic front page once again appeared on Bungie’s website with a series of unusual phrases, including “keep it clean” and “please remain calm,” accompanied by a countdown. It was, in fact, the exact same page put up and then taken down around E3, when Microsoft temporarily pulled the plug on plans for an exciting announcement from the developer.

At the countdown’s conclusion early this morning, Bungie released a teaser trailer for what looks like a Halo 3-related project. The brief clip, titled “Keep It Clean,” shows a swarm of drop pods crashing down into a cityscape. It concludes with the Halo 3 logo and the catchphrase “Prepare to Drop.”

The same trailer was made available today on Xbox Live Marketplace. However, it also included a brief but somewhat revealing description: “High action and deep mystery await players in this new Halo 3 campaign experience. Prepare to drop!” Joystiq also reports a reader uncovered a potential release date of January 6, 2009 hidden within the trailer. Of course, there’s no official word yet, but it certainly smells like a Halo 3 expansion is in the works. We will find out soon enough.

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