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BURN, a Pop Star Tragedy Story, Launches in 2022 for Xbox and PC

Convict Games has announced a new title called BURN, a single-player story about a pop star tragedy. It has 16 different endings and will be releasing in 2022 on PC via Steam, Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox One.

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It tells the story of Nina Burn, a Finnish pop star, over three periods of her life, split into separate acts: her debut at age 17, her establishment as a star at 24, and the climax at age 27. Different moments from her life will be shuffled, which will provide insight into Nina during repeated playthroughs of the game. BURN is an interactive story, so your dialogue choices will change pop star Nina’s style, soundtrack, and ending path. It’s up to players to discover and decipher Nina’s story.

The game has a binary morality system where Nina can choose to be “humble” or “arrogant,” which will steer her down certain endings that are categorized as “Good,” “Bad,” and “Ugly.” Players will not be able to hear any music created by the pop star, but the game’s soundtrack features a variety of genres from techno, black metal, Berlin post-wave, Russian sci-fi ambiance, and hip hop. Every time the story is shuffled, the score will change based on the decisions that you’ve made. Artistically, BURN is not a 3D adventure game but will feature high-quality animations with voice-overs for its pop star tragedy. There is also an open map to explore.

BURN is a character study and reflection of how far someone can go for their art and the cost of fame,” explained writer and director Greg Louden. “We’ve been working on BURN since the COVID lockdown started in February 2020(,) tapping into our passion for the stories of the music industry, pop stars, body horror, and classic music cinema and documentaries.”

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