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Perhaps you’ve marched a few crusades in Dawn of War, or read a few Black Library books and decided that it’s time to get into this whole Warhammer 40k thing. You’ve looked at the Assault on Black Reach starter set and decided that it’s too simplified. Thankfully, Games Workshop has just the product for you: an entire Space Marine chapter, all for a cool $11,690.

Games Workshop is releasing the megapack along with the recently updated codex rulebook and unit lineup. The 1,200 unit set is supposed to represent the Ultramarine chapter as it landed at the Battle of Orar’s Sepulchre 888.M41. It includes 10 full companies of Ultramarines, comprised of 39 space marine squads, 13 Dreadnoughts, 11 Land Speeders, and 47 Rhino transports (among many, many others). It also includes new units like the Hunter and Stalker tanks.

While the game’s voluminous lore can certainly be enjoyable, half the fun is creating your own Space Marine chapter, complete with backstory and color scheme. However you choose to color it, you’re going to need a lot of paint. After you spend the requisite couple hundred hours assembling and painting your eunuch army, you’re now ready for a full-scale game of 40k Apocalypse, assuming you can find anyone with enough models to join you.

If you decide to drop a sizable portion of your annual income on this package, Games Workshop will gladly contact you personally to arrange delivery. Where you’re going to put it afterwards is your problem.

Source: Games Workshop

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