Buy Marvel Heroes Premium Pack, Get Closed Beta


For the duration of this weekend, Gazillion Entertainment is offering discounts and bonuses for the Marvel-based MMO.

It’s been a long time coming, but the official Marvel Heroes MMO is finally nearing completion. After the concept was bounced between various development teams, the title will finally get a free-to-play launch under online games developer Gazillion Entertainment. Even better, the game features a story by Marvel scribe Brian Michael Bendis that looks like it can be completed in both single-player and group-based sessions. Still, just because Marvel Heroes is free-to-play doesn’t mean Gazillion wouldn’t like to make some money from it. In fact, Gazillion is even willing to put an early access offer on the table. From now until Sunday, any registered user who buys a Marvel Heroes Premium Pack will get a closed beta key access key the following week, along with the online beat-em-up action it entails.

Premium Packs are special compilations of experience, in-game currency, and Marvel character unlocks that can be snatched up in a single purchase. While Gazillion maintains that game content can still be unlocked in free-to-play mode, premium packs will allow players to quickly access heroes of their choosing for their immediate adventuring needs. Packs will include everything from the Avengers to the X-Men, and there’s even a few costume sets like the complete Iron Man armor collection.

Each premium pack has a fairly steep price tag of $60, but players hoping for additional characters and early access might consider that a fair trade. Regardless, Gazillion is throwing in extra weekend deals to sweeten the pot, including a St. Patrick’s Day-themed discount for all Founders Packs containing the Hulk. It’s worth noting that beta access means beta quality, so any number of features could be changed in the final release. That said, at least you’d still get to keep that classy Deadpool character collection you’ve always been hoping for.

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