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Blizzard says it is considering the possibility of adding “game time tokens” to its virtual store, which can then be sold for gold.

Some subscription-based MMO’s, like as Eve Online and Wildstar, allow particular entrepreneurial players to purchase additional game time with in-game gold. Now, it looks like World of Warcraft may be heading towards a similar system, according to Blizzard community poster Bashiok. Bashiok stated that one of the things Blizzard is considering for a future update is the addition of “tradable game-time tokens” to the in-game store which can be exchanged in-game with other players for gold.

He says that this offers a solution to two common problems – it allows players who are efficient enough at farming gold to essentially play for free, while also allowing those who wish to purchase gold a safe and easy way of doing so.

Currently, the only use of the in-game store is to purchase mounts/pets that are also available on Blizzard’s online store, as well as additional Level 90 boosts.

Other features listed by Bashiok in the forum post include integration with Twitter to send out in-game screenshots, and an Heirloom tab that would work in a similar way to the mounts and pets tab. He also mentioned that the legendary ring questline would continue with the Blackrock Foundry raid in the new year, and would bring the first Legendary follower to your Garrison.

I personally think this is a great move from Blizzard. I don’t really like being tied in to having to pay a subscription every month (mostly because I’m a cheapskate), but I am quite good at farming gold. Sounds like a win/win.

Source: Blizzard

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