If you like Call of Duty: Black Ops, set aside a few bucks for the game’s first map pack coming in 2011.

Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops producer Dan Bunting recently went on the Major Nelson podcast to talk about stuff, things, and the first DLC map pack coming to the game. In early 2011, Treyarch will release Black OpsFirst Strike.

Sure, announcing a map pack for a Call of Duty game is like announcing that the sky is still up, but it has to be done. Bunting revealed that First Strike will include four new regular maps and an additional zombie map, for a total of five cartographic additions to Black Ops.

First up is the Berlin Wall map, which takes place at Checkpoint Charlie during a battle between the forces on each side of the wall. Secondly there’s Discovery, a map at an Antarctic German research station that was abandoned in World War II. Third we have Kowloon, set on the rooftops of the Kowloon area of China. Fourth, Treyarch is throwing a wrench into the mix with Stadium, which takes place in a hockey rink. Hope you’ve brought your skates.

The zombie mode map is called Ascension, and we only know that zombies are involved. As per an agreement, First Strike will be a timed exclusive on Xbox Live when it releases on February 1, 2011, so PS3 and PC owners will have to sit on their hands for a few weeks once again. It’ll cost… can you guess? $15.

Considering that Black Ops had the biggest opening out of any Call of Duty game ever, and Call of Duty‘s map packs sell like a beast, expect some huge numbers from First Strike. I sure hope Treyarch and Activision like money.

Source: Major Nelson

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