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Rumors have been circulating for weeks now about a remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign, and we finally have confirmation that it’s real today.

The PlayStation Store for Germany leaked the store page for the game this morning, which included a trailer showing off fully remastered visuals for Modern Warfare 2. The store page indicates this isn’t just a visual overhaul, but a full remaster akin to what was done with the original Modern Warfare‘s campaign.

COD Tracker was able to grab further details about the game from the store page before it was taken down, stating that Modern Warfare 2 has been fully remastered with improved textures, animations, physical rendering, HDR lighting, and other additions.

The remaster only includes the campaign from MW2; none of the multiplayer components are included and is listed on the German store for €25.

While an official announcement hasn’t been made by Activision just yet, the remastered campaign is listed for release for tomorrow, March 31.

Nick Calandra
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