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Can You Play Redfall Offline?

Image via Bethesda Softworks.

Want to bring down Redfall’s vampire-loving cultists and their bloodsucking masters? We don’t blame you. Forget the sappy romance of Twilight, the violent delights of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Blade are the way to go. You may have heard rumblings that the game is online-only. So, can you actually play Redfall offline? Here’s the answer.

Is Redfall Really Only Available to Play Online?

Right now, you can’t play Redfall offline. There’s always a chance that developer Arkane Austin could add an offline option later, though. It’s happened before, with Back 4 Blood now able to be played completely offline. 

However, until the developers do something of that nature (and there’s indication they may), you cannot play the game offline. At all. You’ll need a reliable internet connection to play Redfall, even in single player

What Happens If Your Internet Connection Drops While Playing Redfall?

If your connection drops but reconnects within about 30 seconds, you should be okay. If, on the other hand, your internet connection cuts out and doesn’t come back, you’ll get a message complaining that “Arknet Reset Failed.”

Can You Play Redfall Offline?

You’ll then be kicked out of the game. Your experience may differ on PC, but on Xbox Series X|S you’ll be dropped back at the dashboard. So, on the subject of can you play Redfall offline, the answer is no.

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