Canned Star Wars Game Filled with Darth Maul Villainy


The iconic one-and-done Sith almost got the staring role in his own video game.

Say what you want about The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul was pretty kickass. The horns, the double-bladed lightsaber, the demonic colors, they all ranked up there with Darth Vader’s intimidating death mask. Then he had to go and get chopped in half and pushed down a reactor shaft. According to Game Informer, Darth Maul was about to get his own game until it was canceled eight months into development.

According to the report, the project would have been made by Red Fly Studios, the developer behind the Wii port of The Force Unleashed 2. It was described as a “buddy cop-like experience” between Darth Maul and Sith Lady Darth Talon. The leaked footage shows a variety of lightsaber and force attacks similar to The Force Unleashed.

Reportedly, the only thing Red Fly was told was that Darth Maul survived being cut in half. He’d later reappear in The Clone Wars, but it’s unclear if this conflict lead to the cancellation. From Red Fly’s point of view, LucasArts stopped communicating with the developer and eventually killed the project in 2011, after only eight months of development.

While I know what they meant by the phrasing, I can’t help but imagine what a real buddy cop movie would look like with two Sith masters. Oh, and Sith Lady is a totally underused title.

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Source: Game Informer via Polygon

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