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Go on a scavenger hunt and track down free DLC gear with this quick Witcher 3 guide showing you how to start the Wolf School Gear quest.

CD Projekt Red continues to roll out add-ons and extras free of charge, but their latest quest offers no explanation on how to get started. If you’re hungry to wear an outfit inspired by the Witcher’s original video game appearance, check out the instructions below for locations of merchants that sell the items you’ll need to build Wolven armor and weapons.

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How to Start the Wolf School Gear DLC Quest

Requirements: Geralt must be at least Level 14 and must have access to Kaer Morhen.

To collect the Wolf School Gear, Geralt must purchase six maps from five merchants. This gear is, currently, the best loadout available for Geralt, so it’s well-worth tracking down.

Find the merchants listed below and purchase their treasure maps. For each map in your inventory, a quest will begin and mark the locations you need to explore on your map to gain the diagrams.

Wolf School Gear Maps

  • 1. Eibhear Hattori (Master Blacksmith) – Novigrad
  • 2. Blacksmith – Lindenvale
  • 3. Armorer – Novigrad
  • 4. Armorer – Kaer Trolde Castle
  • 5. Blacksmith – Kaer Muire

The Master Blacksmith in Novigrad carries two maps. To complete the quest, you must buy all six maps — the quest does not lead you down a linear path like other scavenger hunt quests.

The maps all lead back to Kaer Morhen, and the first part of the quest has a Level 14 level requirement. Continue the main story until you unlock Kaer Morhen before attempting to complete this quest.

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