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Like those brutally difficult classic point-and-click adventure titles of yesteryear, Armikrog forces its players to make notes. But, if you’re like us and just enjoy solving puzzles without writing things down, you might miss the most important clues in the game.

That’s why we’re cheating and straight-up revealing the solution to Armikrog’s final puzzle, right here. No messing around, this is just the solution and only the solution. If you didn’t bother translating those squids in an earlier section of the game, expecting an easy return — well, you’re in for a surprise. Instead of replaying a significant portion of the game, just check out the picture below showing off how we solved the last Armikrog puzzle.

Spoilers ahead! Don’t say we didn’t warn you. This is, straight up, the solution to the last puzzle in the game. There are no story spoilers, though — the image is all you need.

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Emerald Crystal Room Final Puzzle Solution

Armikrog Puzzle Solution

At an earlier point in the story, you’ll reach a room with four squid hieroglyphics on the wall that represent (What else?) the four squids of Armikrog.

In this area, you’ll hear little stories from each squid. They’ll repeat, with certain important words representing symbols sprinkled into the text.

That all sounds complicated, but the stories boil down to these four symbols.

Back in the Crystal Room, use the computer terminal and pick out the symbols in the order they were given in the room described above. Match the symbols in this order and you’ll earn an ending. It’s just that easy.

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