Citizens of London are asked to be on the lookout for bloody, dismembered arms, legs and other body parts which Capcom scattered throughout the city as part of an insane contest and then promptly managed to lose, which could of course lead to all sorts of awkwardness if non-Resident Evil 5 fans find them first.

Capcom decided to mark tomorrow’s release of Resident Evil 5 in the U.K. with a contest. And not just any contest! No, Capcom wanted this one to be memorable. So the company had a number of realistic-looking bloody body parts, including arms, legs, heads and torsos scattered around the city, which preregistered participants would search for, collect and take to the Westminster Bridge by 11 am.

“Alert us to your presence by standing on the bridge, holding the artificial body parts over your head and shouting ‘Kijuju!'” Capcom said in the contest announcement. “We will be there, watching you, and will approach when you make yourselves known.”

When I first heard about this contest I thought to myself, I don’t see how this could possibly go wrong. Yet despite the one-in-a-million odds that anything untoward could result from spreading severed zombie appendages around a major population center, things did in fact go somewhat awry. A winner was crowned, 26-year-old IT consultant Steve Long, but once the contest had ended Capcom noticed that a number of body parts hadn’t been found. Not entirely surprising, perhaps, but when company reps were unable to find them, things took a turn for the potentially problematic.

A head, two torsos and six limbs have gone missing in the streets of London, and Capcom is concerned that people might mistake them for the real thing. Yes, they’re that good; animal parts were actually used to make them more realistic (and disgusting) and contest winner Long described them as “horrifically gory,” adding, “They were definitely realistic enough to be confused with the real thing.”

“The body parts are very realistic and we don’t want people to be alarmed by them. They’ve all been taken from their original positions, but we now have no idea where they are,” a Capcom rep said in a statement.

“If you have them, please either return them, or dispose of them in a responsible and careful manner,” he continued. “In addition, chicken livers were used for added gore, and, uncooked, they can be dangerous.”

So take note, Londoners: If you find any mutilated, rotting body parts lying half-hidden on the street, for God’s sake be sure to cook it before you eat it.


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