Capcom Delays Dark Void To Add ‘New Feature’


The delay of Capcom’s upcoming sci-fi shooter Dark Void to 2010 has little to do with development problems and has everything to do with “hover.”

“The main reason we delayed Dark Void was because we really wanted to spend the extra time we needed to re-polish it and add a new feature,” Capcom associate producer Shana Bryant told Kotaku.

The feature, Kotaku says, is “hover up,” the ability to not only fly through environments, but to slow down and pause in mid-air.

Additionally, Capcom has removed the tendency for players to simply splatter against the environment if they happen to collide with an object while flying. Though it may be realistic, the danger of turning into bloody goo subtracted from the glee of high-speed aerial maneuvers.

Barring further delays Dark Void should hit the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 early next year.

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