If you don’t know why you should be excited for tomorrow’s release of Darkstalkers Resurrection Capcom has released a handy launch trailer to explain what you’ll find in the updated release.

When Capcom first announced that it would be figuratively resurrecting the Darkstalkers series via the aptly-titled Xbox Live Arcade/PlayStation Network title Darkstalkers Resurrection, fans rejoiced! At least, those scant few, old fans who could actually remember the series’ halcyon days from the mid 1990s rejoiced. As much as they adore Darkstalkers, its been more than a decade since a new game in the franchise has been released and the kids these days have no reverence for the classics, as they’re too busy playing virtual stickball and electronic hopscotch.

Fortunately, with the game’s official release only a day away, Capcom has served up an official launch trailer for Darkstalkers Resurrection which seeks to answer all kinds of questions about the game. Not only does it explain why players unfamiliar with the series should care about what is essentially another rehashed Capcom fighter, it also informs old fans of the series on how Resurrection improves the two classic arcade games included within it.

While the first half of the clip focuses too heavily on vaguely animated concept art, the remaining half does a nice job of explaining the positives of Darkstalkers Resurrection. Like Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition before it, this game includes both classic, pixelated graphics options as well as HD-friendly pixel smoothing modes. Further, it also allows for online play, though we won’t know how well the netcode in that feature functions until it’s been available to the public for a while.

What the clip doesn’t explain are the arguably miniscule differences between the two games included in Darkstalkers Resurrection. Instead of a single title, Resurrection contains both Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3. That should be welcome news, except that for most people the differences between the two games will boil down to surprisingly minor changes between the two titles’ character rosters. More experienced players can run down a list of mechanical differences between the two (which directly influenced the creation of more famous Capcom fighters), but for the average person the two games are exceedingly similar. Realizing this, Capcom also issued a video explaining the differences between the two titles. We won’t embed it here, not because we hate you, but because you should visit Capcom Unity, not only for the aforementioned video, but also for the handy gameplay tutorial vignette Capcom also put together.

Tomorrow, when all of your friends are punching werewolves and being impaled by bizarrely sexy bee women you don’t want to be left out in the cold, do you?

Source: Capcom Unity

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