Capcom Fights Hunger At SF4 National Finals


Capcom’s hosting a food drive at next week’s Street Fighter 4 National Championship Finals in San Francisco.

Who says game companies aren’t altruistic? Capcom’s mixed business with good deeds twice now recently, first with its Resident Evil 5 blood drive in Los Angeles and now with its “Street Fighter Fights Hunger” food drive that will take place next Saturday at the Street Fighter IV National Championship Finals in San Francisco.

Donations, which will be accepted in the form of canned food items or monetary gifts, will go to the Second Harvest Food Bank, which has a branch in San Mateo county, home of Capcom’s US offices.

The event takes place on April 18, with finalists from the GameStop Street Fighter 4 tournaments battling it out against each other for the title of number one, as well as playing some exhibition matches against a host of the world’s best players from Japan and Korea (including the famous and rarely angry Daigo Umehara). In addition to the tournament, the event will feature SF4 kiosks, autograph signings with SF4 producer Yoshinori Ono, live music and dancing, and more. There will likely be free stuff.

The event gets started at 7:00, but the tournament doesn’t begin until 8:00, so if you’re planning on going, get there early, donate those cans of creamed corn you were meaning to use but never did, and then sit back and enjoy some of the best Street Fighter IV action in the world. I’ll be there, naturally, but unfortunately was barred from entry in the tournament on account of actually being too good. Yeah, it happens.

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