Capcom Giving Away Ducktales: Remastered Press Kits


Capcom is hosting singing and drawing contests to give away some Ducktales: Remastered press kits by September 11th.

Ducktales: Remastered took a classic NES experience and prettied it up for modern consoles. From what we’ve been told by some fairly reliable sources, the game’s a lot of fun and well worth playing whether you’re a younger gamer or an old school fan hoping to relive some childhood memories.

Likely hoping to keep hype for the title alive following its release, Capcom has announced that it’s launching a contest to giveaway 150 rare Ducktales: Resmastered press kits. The press kits contain, among other things, a working gold NES cartridge containing the original Ducktales from 1989 and a snazzy metal lunch box (filled with shredded dollars) to hold it all in.

The contest is already running and Capcom plans to give at least one press kit away each day until September 11th. If you’re interested in entering there are two methods. The first is to sing your own rendition of the theme song from the Ducktales cartoon. As anyone who’s ever even just hummed the Ducktales theme can tell you, however, once you start singing this sucker it will be stuck in your head for at least five or six months. That in mind, the safer method might be to do some drawing. Capcom has given the artistically inclined a few alternatives to enter the contest. You can either “insert the DuckTales gang into classic Capcom box art” or “Duckify” a Capcom character so they fit the look of the Ducktales franchise. Whichever method you choose, this is a contest we’d recommend getting in on immediately, as these press kits are both really cool and extremely limited. To see the full contest details, head here.

Source: Capcom Unity

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