Capcom is making it rain with a massive Microsoft Spacebuck giveaway to promote the release of the Bionic Commando multiplayer demo on Xbox Live.

Hate being forced to buy inconveniently proportioned amounts of Microsoft Galaxydollars whenever you want to buy something on Xbox Live? Wish you just had a ton of points that you could use instead of having to restock periodically? Well, get lucky and your wish may just come true, as Capcom’s giving away 64,000 MS Points.

The contest comes as a promotion for the Bionic Commando multiplayer demo, which just hit XBL today. No, you don’t have to make a funny Photoshop of yourself with a bionic arm or caption some stupid picture to win. You just have to download the demo and then change your Xbox Live motto to the words “Bionic Command = RAD.” Then get seven of your Xbox Live friends to do the same, and send a message to the “capcomcontest” account on Capcom-Unity, and you’re golden.

So it’s not that easy, really: you need to get seven friends to play along, plus sign up for a Capcom-Unity account, plus go through all the hassle of changing what might be a cool XBL motto (mine is currently “get out of here, STALKER”). But the reward is pretty sweet: for the winning entry, the main winner gets 8,000 MS Points, a Bionic Commando lunch box, and a download code for Bionic Commando Rearmed. That person’s seven listed friends get the same package, sans the lunchbox.

Capcom says that you can be on multiple lists as well as enter multiple lists if you have more than seven friends who have downloaded the demo and changed their mottos. The contest runs until just before midnight on May 13. Check here for more rules and regulations.

Bionic Command = RAD, huh. Oh, wait I get it. Because Bionic Commando is “rad” as in it’s cool, but it’s also Rad because the main character, the bionic commando, is named Rad. Real clever, guys.

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