Capcom Offers New Details On Super Street Fighter IV


As if to enlighten fans while simultaneously reminding them that Super Street Fighter IV is months from release, Capcom has issued a fact sheet complete with new info and assets from the upcoming SFIV update.

The release does contain some already known information, such as the inclusion of classic characters Dee Jay and T. Hawk, as well as new addition Juri. Even so, word that the game will include the classic car and barrel bonus stages and a 2vs2, 3vs3 or 4vs4 team elimination gameplay mode, should be welcome info for anyone wondering why they should drop even more money on Street Fighter IV.

Here’s the full rundown, courtesy Capcom’s Unity Blog:

+ Team Battles: Up to eight players can participate in 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, or 4 vs. 4 team elimination battles.

+ Endless Battle: Up to eight players can participate in an endless elimination online match where the winner stays on and plays against the next player in true arcade fashion. Spectators can also chat with each other as they watch the match.

+ Replay Channel: Players can view recorded matches and discuss the match while watching replays of great matches from players around the world.

+ Tournament Mode coming as DLC after launch.

+ More classic Street Fighter characters re-imagined for a new generation of gamers, including favorites DeeJay and T Hawk.

+ New challenger: mysterious female Juri is the first character in Street Fighter history to utilize the Tae Kwon Do style.

+ Bonus Stages: Return of the classic car and barrel bonus stages made popular in Street Fighter II both available in arcade and challenge modes:

– Car stage: Annihilate the car with regular and special moves before the time runs out.

– Barrel stage: Players are given 20 barrels and must destroy as many as they can within the time limit.

+ All playable SFIV characters will be unlocked out of the box.

+ Gameplay has been rebalanced to provide challenges for both newcomers as well as the most seasoned Street Fighter pro.

It’s almost depressing to see that SSFIV goes back to the standard coupe of Street Fighter II for its car-bashing bonus stage. Following the tradition of Street Fighter III, in which the tiny Japanese car was upgraded to an SUV, SSFIV should really feature something bigger. Something like a schoolbus, or an aircraft carrier.

(Though, it should be said, loudly and repeatedly Capcom wins double points for the picture of Mike Haggar on the billboard in the background.)

(… That, I’m just realizing, none of you can actually see thanks to our image compression. Here’s a larger version.)

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