Want to see Cody, Guy, and T. Hawk throwing down with Juri and Dee Jay in Super Street Fighter IV? Capcom’s latest trailer has all that jazz and a little bit more.

Well, it looks like Super Street Fighter IV is shaping up nicely for its end-of-April release.

The above trailer shows off the new characters revealed thus far: SF2‘s T. Hawk and Dee Jay, SF Alpha‘s Cody, Adon, and Guy, and newcomer Juri, all beating each others’ faces in. Or, in the case of Cody, throwing knives at people very, very slowly. I’m actually reasonably sure that it shouldn’t be able to stay in the air at that velocity.

It also reminds me how freakin’ awesome the action in the Street Fighter IV intro cutscene was, and I’m kind of dying to see that fight between Chun-Li and Juri play out at length.

Now, of course, the big deal is that Capcom still hasn’t announced the remaining three characters on the roster. Where the hell are my Dudley and Ibuki, guys? Come on. Come on!

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