Capcom Remixes Memories in New Remember Me Trailer


Capcom announces a release date and shows off a new trailer for Remember Me.

June isn’t a month overflowing with big days to look forward to. Yes, there’s Father’s Day, and National Éclair Day is always fun but overall, it’s a bit bare. Thanks to Capcom however, there’s now one more day to mark on the calendar. The publisher has revealed a release date and a new trailer for its upcoming sci-fi action title, Remember Me. The game, developed by newcomer studio Dontnod Entertainment, will land on American store shelves June 4th with the European release following shortly after on June 7th.

Remember Me was revealed at last year’s TGS and takes place in a dystopian version of Paris, where the watchdog corporation Memoreyes deals in the manipulation of memories. It follows Nilin, a memory-hunter formerly in Memoreyes’ employ, who has had her own memories erased and is searching for a way restore them while she uncovers the secrets behind her own powers and why the corporation fears her.

A game about an amnesiac protagonist is not exactly fresh ground but, to Remember Me and Dontnod’s credit, the game shown off in the new trailer does look ambitious. Alongside melee combat reminiscent of Rocksteady’s Batman games, Remember Me will feature mechanics that allow the player to alter the memories of their foes for a variety of effects, both in and outside of combat. The game’s story will also focus heavily on the importance of a person’s memories and what their destruction and manipulation means on a personal and moral level.

When Remember Me was first announced, some were skeptical about its chances of success as a new IP coming out at the tail end of the current console cycle. That said, it looks interesting and, as Capcom themselves demonstrated with the success of last year’s Dragon’s Dogma, there is still room this late in the game for successful new properties to emerge. Time will have to tell if Remember Me winds up being the unforgettable hit that Capcom is hoping for.

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