Capcom’s got a lot of games left to go on the PSN, and it’d like your input on deciding what should be added next.

Capcom’s been a big contributor to the PlayStation Network, uploading many of its classic games to the service. However, as it’s been pointed out, the publisher has only put a small fraction of its catalog online for players to purchase. Capcom has revealed that it wants your help in deciding what add to the PSN next.

Earlier today, Capcom Tweeted (via its “capcom_retro” account) that it wanted gamers to Tweet the name of the PlayStation title they’d most like to see added to the PSN. According to Andriasang, over forty different games have yet to be added to Capcom’s PSN catalog.

Anyone who’s fluent in Japanese can see the list of eligible games on the capcom_retro Twitter page. The publisher will be taking names until January 19 at 16:59:59. If you want to suggest a game, follow the account, Tweet the game’s name, and be sure to include the hash tag #cpga2011.

Source: Andriasang

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