Captain America Getting Last-Minute Reshoots

Not only is the new Captain America movie getting some reshoots late in the game, but there’s still no official trailer for the film.

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding this summer’s Captain America film. However, some folks are starting to get a little nervous, since there’s still no official trailer (outside of the half-minute Superbowl spot, seen here) and it’s just been revealed that the movie is headed back to England for some reshoots.

Crave Online has been told by “a source” that, in spite of the movie’s looming summer release date, crew are returning to the U.K. for some reshoots that will last a couple of weeks. Exactly what the reshoots will consist of remains to be seen; there might be some entirely new scenes, or it might just be some pick-up shots.

The movie started shooting last June and supposed wrapped up production in October, but Marvel has been pretty hesitant to release much media since then; that is a little weird when compared to the marketing push that Thor (due out only two months ahead of Captain America has received. Some people are claiming that the reshoots and lack of a trailer are indicative that the movie’s in trouble, but that seems a little premature at this point, especially since no one close to the film have reported any problems.

Source: Crave Online via io9

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