Car Smashing Returns in Super Street Fighter IV


The glory and fame that come from being the most powerful fighter in the world are nice, but there’s nothing quite like beating up a car.

Famitsu scans and a new trailer for Super Street Fighter IV have confirmed the re-inclusion of bonus stages into the series. More specifically, the classic car and barrel smashing bonus stages from the original Street Fighter II.

Smashing cars and barrels were not the only things street fighters used to do in their spare time; they also hated piles of bricks, flaming oil drums, and plates of glass if I remember correctly. These acts seem so unnecessary, but if I could shoot flames out of my hands I probably wouldn’t ever stop attacking cars.

The greatest example of a car smashing bonus stage actually comes from Final Fight, where Capcom brought a little reality into the situation by having a thug walk in after the car is destroyed that says “Oh, my car” as his tears fall down onto the concrete. I’ve never felt so bad and so good at the same time. The new Super Street Fighter IV mode doesn’t appear to have anything happen that is quite as classic, but this trailer does show a man taking photographs of Ryu after he has finished his vandalism, most likely to be used to blackmail Ryu lest he send the photos to the police.

Other modes now revealed to be in Super Street Fighter IV are team battle, endless battle, a replay channel, and probably some other stuff that doesn’t compare in the least to killing a car with your bare fists. Now, if we can just get something on par with a plane destruction bonus stage in Super Street Fighter IV Turbo: Championship Edition.

(Via: Siliconera)

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