Sure, holographic cards are cool, but you can’t beat a trading card presented with a tiny HD screen stuck in it.

Panini HRX, purveyor of fine trading cards, recently released a video on YouTube revealing what the company is calling the Worlds First Video Trading Card. While it’s certainly innovative, perhaps putting an HD screen, 2 gig flash drive, and 30-minute rechargeable battery in an iPhone-sized cardboard case seems a bit bulky to be technically called a “card.”

Jason Howarth, Panini’s marketing VP, said the company “wanted to make sure that there was a level of uniqueness and collectibility.” They had better be unique, with a 5-card pack of Panini’s Totally Certified Basketball line setting you back $20 with no guarantee that you’ll actually pull one of these newfangled cards/video players from the pack.

All the video shown on the “cards” will be Panini-exclusive interviews and showcases of player talent, which would add collectability to the cards. Additional utility will be granted to the final version of the cards, which will be able to plug into your computer via a mini-USB cable to recharge and acts as a portable flash drive.

While it’s an interesting technology to apply to collectible cards, I think the full potential of it won’t be realized until it comes to strategic card games. Sure, Magic: The Gathering is fun now, but imagine how much more fun it would be if you could watch your zombies kick the crap out of elves in Hi-Def.

Source: Wired

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