Cardboard Tube Samurai To Appear In Tekken 6


Could Gabe and Tycho’s yellow-clad, tube-wielding warrior be making an appearance in the next Tekken game?

The daimyo’s orders were simple; stop ‘him’ from entering Yoshida Castle. As a lone figure came over the brow of the hill, Takahiro allowed himself a small smile. Dispatching the ronin dog would be simple, no single warrior was a match for fifty of the daimyo’s fiercest samurai.

The yellow-clad wanderer paused as he saw Takahiro and his men, pushing his wide brimmed hat up just a fraction of an inch and looked from man to man. The scrape of metal rang out as the warriors drew their blades. Wordlessly, the traveler pulled his own weapon from his belt, its long, wide blade casting a long shadow in the fading light, and darted forward to attack.

Yeah ok, that was a little overwrought, but it set the right mood. Regular readers of Penny Arcade will be familiar with Gabe’s alter-ego, The Cardboard Tube Samurai, but for those who don’t read it, here’s an update for you both.

The tube made its first appearance in October 2002, but it wasn’t until the following January that the CTS made his first appearance. Since then, the CTS, amongst other characters, has popped up when Penny Arcade’s creators fancied doing something a little different.

Different like, oh I don’t know, appearing in Tekken 6 say? The image to the right was posted on the official Tekken 6 Twitter feed, and although the face is obscured, that Pac-Man gi is a dead giveaway. It seems pretty genuine, we’re a long way from April and the tweet mentioned something that they ‘couldn’t talk about yet’. Looks like it’s not just Soul Calibur that has guest characters anymore.

Source: Kotaku

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