Carry Out Your Global Agenda February 1st

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Strap on your jetpack, Agents – third-person “spy-fi” MMOG Global Agenda will be hitting stores February 1st.

Global Agenda, developed by Georgia-based Hi-Rez Studios (East Coast games industry, represent!) is a sci-fi class-based third-person shooter set in a dystopian future where humanity is ruled by the repressive Commonwealth. The game is a hybrid, featuring a free-to-play element of PvP deathmatches and cooperative PvE as well as a subscription-based MMOG-esque service called Global Agenda: Conquest that lets rival Agencies control territory and vie for domination on a persistent world map. You also have jetpacks, and jetpacks are completely awesome. Or, in the developers’ words:

As a special agent playing only the non-subscription features, you may fully level up to eight different agent characters, participating in both player-vs-player and cooperative player-vs-environment missions, as you fight to overturn the totalitarian one-world government, The Commonwealth, and establish yourself inside the game world.

Players in Global Agenda: Conquest form their own groups, called Agencies. These Agencies conquer territory, construct facilities, manufacture vehicles, raid bases, and engage in formal and informal alliances and betrayals on their way toward world domination. The Conquest gameplay will revolve around player-driven politics and emergent gameplay with each battle being resolved via squad-based combat.

The game now has a release date – February 1st – and is available for pre-order via the official website, Steam, and Naturally, there’ll be a limited edition set out as well (available via Amazon and the game’s website) that includes a poster and an art book. From the press release, though, it seems that this is less just a concept art book and more an alternate history tome that “explores the historical events leading to the creation of the single, totalitarian world government called Commonwealth, as well as the emerging resistance to the Commonwealth, and the current competition for limited resources and scarce inhabitable land that exists in the year 2155 when the player enters the world.”

Sounds groovy to me – I love little extras like that. Preordering will also net you a special in-game helmet and memorabilia celebrating the game’s “No Elves” campaign.

Oh hey, and would you look at that – we have a hands-on Preview that went up on the site today! Geez, what a coincidence – it’s almost like we planned this or something.

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