Cartoon Network and DC Comics have joined forces (again) to bring you DC Nation. Because they love you. And they love crazy ratings.

Good things tend to happen when Cartoon Network teams up with DC Comics. In the past, we’ve received things like the amazing Justice League, the disposable fun of Teen Titans, the wonderful Young Justice, and the surprisingly good Green Lantern. Now, the two groups have revealed that they’re working on DC Nation, an entire programming block around DC-focused programming.

Based on the trailer, DC Nation almost looks like it’ll be a mix of original shorts and a testing ground for new pilots. According to Topless Robot, some of the stuff on display in this video should look familiar, though:

That live-action Blue Beetle, Plastic-Man (which I assume is that not-too-old Plastic-Man pilot), some other random things, and, most exciting to me, what is apparently a Tiny Titans short done in Teen Titans cartoon style.

Creating original programming that’s designed to appeal to the (borderline obsessive) fanbase surrounding DC Comics seems like a no-brainer. If Cartoon Network and DC are able to use DC Nation as an inexpensive way to test out new shows, it seems like everybody is a winner in this situation.

Source: Topless Robot

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