Cartoon Network MMOG to Launch January 14


FusionFall is currently in a free preview state, but all that is set to change on launch day as the Turner-owned network announces its subscription model.

Far, far away from the City of Heroes and World of Warcraft exists a place where it’s not just the hardcore gamers grinding away on ancient beasts for the latest in tiered epics, but entire families in kid-friendly MMOG’s. While games like Club Penguin and Wizard 101 may not ring a bell, anyone who has tuned into Cartoon Network in the past few months has probably heard of FusionFall, the “biggest game ever” from the Turner-owned station. The game itself is set for an official launch on January 14, but the game is currently available to play for free as part of a preview event. Come launch day, however, little Jimmy’s either going to have to fill out a credit application or beg his parents for some plastic to get the full experience as a subscription model will be put into place.

To answer the question of whether or not the MMOG is worth the cash wouldn’t exactly be fair (as I am far from its target demographic), I can say that FusionFall is surprisingly robust for an online title intended for a younger set. Impressive, even, as the entire affair runs directly in your web browser of choice (Safari, in my case). It’s best to think of it as World of Warcraft lite set in the Cartoon Network universe of fanboy dreams, where Ben Tennyson and Dexter are best friends and Eduardo hangs out at the Kid’s Next Door clubhouse. The hook lies in your small companions called “Nanos,” which are super-deformed takes on Cartoon Network all-stars like Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls and Eddy from Ed, Edd and Eddy, which function a lot like the Mags seen in the Phantasy Star Online series, as does the combat.

Starting a $5.95 a month, a subscription to FusionFall grants access to all-new areas, equipment, nanos and more, with a family plan granting four accounts for the price of $9.95.

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