Castle Crashers Hits One Million Players


Popular XBLA title Castle Crashers hit a landmark yesterday with the millionth entry on its learderboard, making it, as its creators say, the “fastest growing XBLA game in history.”

Less than 10 months after its release, The Behemoth’s side-scrolling action-RPG-lite has reached a milestone: 1,000,000 recorded players. The landmark was reached yesterday, when artist and designer Dan Paladin noticed that there are 1,000,000 people on the Castle Crashers leaderboard. Considering there are probably some amount of people who aren’t on the leaderboard for whatever reason, that means that there are likely more than a million Castle Crashers players total.

While scoring a million users might be child’s play for some games these days, it’s certainly an achievement worth celebrating for the humble and tiny Castle Crashers team. “This is really big news,” Paladin wrote. “Thanks to you guys Castle Crashers has become the fastest growing XBLA game in history! And saved marriages. AMAZING! I am amazed.”

As amazed as he is, Paladin can’t say that he’s totally surprised. After all, he and his colleagues launched a contest some time ago for who could guess what the exact date would be when Castle Crashers hit a million. The winner, who admitted to cheating with the use of a time machine, will receive quite the prize bundle: a custom Castle Crashers Xbox Elite, a castle (uh, not a real one), a bronze knight figurine, a drawing by Paladin himself, and other random goodies.

Dammit. If only I had a time machine too.

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