The Behemoth has used the Midas touch on an Xbox 360 for an upcoming Castle Crashers tournament prize.

To celebrate the recent peak of over 2,000,000 players in Castle Crashers, The Behemoth is holding a Castle Crashers contest in January called the Tournament of Champions that will award a very special grand prize. The winner of the contest will receive an Xbox 360 fit for a king.

The grand prize of the Tournament of Champions is a golden Xbox 360, and this thing ain’t spray painted either. The Behemoth plated an Xbox 360 in 24k gold, but the console is still fully functional.

It even includes an Xbox 360 controller plated in 24k gold, in addition to a 24k gold hard drive. Awesome. This could be the most highly sought after Xbox 360 variant in history.

To enter the contest, Castle Crashers players must be in the top 100 weekly ranked arena players by 12:00 noon PST on January 28, 2011. These 100 players will battle it out in 1-on-1 arena matches through a single elimination tournament to take place on February 5.

Second place will get a Castle Crashers-themed Xbox 360 Elite, and third will receive 250 squishy chickens, the smushable doll seen in the background of the accompanying pictures. In its benevolence, The Behemoth is awarding the top 24 players with a “special bonus,” and every player in the tournament is guaranteed to receive something (probably a chicken). Interested players, and eBayers, had best prepare their most deadly pets and arena strategies.

Source: The Behemoth Blog

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