Castlestorm Hits Steam, New DLC En Route


Zen Studios’ latest title is now available on Steam, and the developer has just announced plans for an upcoming DLC pack slated to hit both Valve’s service and the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Castlestorm is a clever mash-up of creatively-modeled physics and a two-dimensional adaptation of the popular tower defense subgenre. On paper that sounds utterly bizarre, but in practice it works out quite nicely. The game is beautifully animated, features intuitive controls and boasts some of the more entertaining writing in any recent game.

I mention all of this because Castlestorm was initially released as an Xbox Live Arcade title, but has just made the jump to Steam. That greatly expands the pool of potential players the $10 title might attract, but also creates a huge swath of gamers who previously had no reason to know anything about Castlestorm. Consider that last paragraph a primer.

Now that you’re up to speed, we can move on to the DLC announcement. According to Zen Studios, come July 31, Castlestorm will see the first of two planned expansions. This initial release is entitled From Outcast to Savior, and features “a brand new Royal Guard faction, new environments, an unlikely Hero, 20 new battles, new weapons, Skirmish & Survival levels and new Achievements.” That clip you see embedded at top-right is the DLC’s official announcement trailer, and assuming it piques your interesting, you’ll be able to purchase the thing in mere days for $3 (or 240 Microsoft points, if you’re really into proprietary monetary schemes).

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