A feline activist has launched a pre-emptive strike against humanity. Further attacks are feared.

As fuzzy and adorable as cats are, given half the chance, they would undoubtedly rise up and assume their rightful place as Rulers of the Earth. Those of us who survive the revolution will be enslaved, and forced to dispense tuna and belly tickles whenever our feline masters demanded them. Those who died in the war will be considered lucky.

Unfortunately, it may already be too late: If this video evidence – which contains both scenes of graphic violence and strong language – is to be believed, then the revolution may already have started. Captured by the brave souls at Whitehouse Post, the video shows a cat insurgent in a small, but powerful, tank. As you can see, it takes some extreme measures to bring the cat down. No cat groups have come forward and claimed responsibility for the attack however, so it could be that this was just a rogue operative, or a possibly just a disenfranchised stray, striking out against the human status quo.

With the threat of further cat action always a possibility, it’s important that everyone remains on guard and reports any suspicious feline activity to the authorities. Do not be taken in by their cute faces and playful demeanors; the enemy is everywhere, and we will all have to pull together to survive.

Source: The Mary Sue

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