Catherine Gets Seductively Horrifying New Trailer


This new trailer for the Persona team’s new adult horror title Catherine is seriously freaky in more ways than one.

Last month, I described the first trailer for Atlus’ upcoming Catherine as “one part sexy, two parts disturbing.” I am sure that you will all be wholly surprised to learn that the second trailer, released this week to coincide with Tokyo Game Show 2010, follows suit – though dials up both the sensual and the terrifying.

This trailer introduces us to Katherine – that is, with a K – a quiet-seeming young woman with glasses and long brown hair, who seems very close with protagonist Vincent. In fact, she was the one who was last seen yelling “I’ll never forgive you” at the man at the end of the first trailer! The melancholy-seeming Katherine (with a K) is put in direct contrast with the sensual and coquettish Catherine (with a C), who is shown straddling Vincent while presumably naked, and I think we all know what’s happening there.

Incidentally, the game’s logo depicts both a girl with curly short hair and a girl with long hair and glasses. I wonder if this will be significant in some way? Nah, couldn’t be.

While we still don’t get to see any of the actual gameplay, the trailer also shows off some of the game’s monsters, and rest assured that they are as wonderfully messed-up and horrific as we have come to expect from the Persona crew.

According to Destructoid/Japanator, the Japanese-language dialogue and text translate thusly:


“Hey, are you listening?”

“Lately I’ve been thinking what if my parents called and said, ‘What’s going on?'”

“You’re not hiding anything from me, right?”


“With the meeting of a mysterious, beautiful woman, the nightmare begins.”

“Is it real love?”

“Life’s choices?”

“Return alive? Die?”



*gets an email*

“But, this pose…”

Catherine is reportedly not on the TGS ’10 show floor beyond a few banners, but is scheduled to be out in Japan by the end of the year, or approximately one week after people first start roleplaying characters from the game on LiveJournal – whichever comes first.

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