As if sheep men and infidelity weren’t enough to deal with, Catherine also includes the threat of being killed by giant forks.

After months of trying to figure what is going on in Atlus’ erotic thriller, Catherine, by piecing together information gleaned from screenshots and confusing Japanese-language trailers, Western gamers finally get a chance to see what the game is like to play, courtesy of a new trailer, which focuses on the action/nightmare part of the game.

The video opens with Vincent drinking alone in his underpants, interspersed with snippets from a conversation he’d had with his girlfriend, Katherine – who’s a different person to the Catherine of the title. Once he’s had enough to drink, he falls asleep, and immediately enters a nightmare world. The conversation is weighing heavily on his mind, and provides the fuel for his terrifying dreams.

Almost immediately, Vincent is smooshed by a giant fork – suggesting that the conversation with Katherine might have had something to do with food – and it cuts to a scene in the real world where Vincent is dead, seemingly from raw terror. We’ve seen similar shots in other trailers, and it looks like the unexplained deaths that the characters talk about are the result of an epidemic of especially horrible nightmares.

As described in a recent Famitsu article, Vincent’s goal during the action portions of the game is to reach the top of a tower of blocks before the night’s twisted monster catches up with him. We’ve seen what the nightmare sections looks like from screenshots, but they didn’t really show off how fast-paced and frantic this portion of the game was. It’s not as simple as just moving the blocks around to make a path either. Aside from the trap blocks and additional creatures on the tower, there are other creatures that look like they could make life quite difficult for Vincent.

There are a few things about the gameplay that the trailer leaves unexplained – Vincent has an ability to change one type of blocks into another, but how or why this happens isn’t clear – but on the whole, it’s the clearest picture of what it will be like to actually play Catherine that we’ve seen to-date. Of course, it’s still incredibly bizarre, but by this point, that’s not really a surprise.

Catherine comes out in Japan for Xbox 360 and PS3 on February 17th.

Source: Destructoid

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