EVE Online studio CCP is giving players a chance to assist with the recovery effort in Haiti, and has also taken the unusual step of warning that scammers will be severely punished.

Until February 15, players can use EVE’s Pilot License Extension (PLEX) system, which lets players add time to their accounts without the use of conventional payment methods, to donate to a Haiti relief fund being organized by CCP. PLEX donations made until that date will be converted to cash and donated in their entirety to the Red Cross in Haiti on behalf of the EVE community. The effort is similar to the one made by CCP in 2004, when it organized a drive among EVE players to help victims of the devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia that left more than 225,000 people dead.

And while CCP’s famously hands-off approach has led to a “Wild West” environment and a string of increasingly high-profile in-game crimes, this time around the company is warning that severe punishment awaits anyone slimy enough to run a scam on the back of the Haiti disaster. “CCP regards any scamming attempts surrounding this effort to be morally reprehensible and they will be met with swiftest action,” wrote CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson. “This is about one community of people helping another in need. I urge you to use your hard earned ISK (or any of the other various ways which you can acquire a PLEX) to do something greater than it could ever do in New Eden.”

EVE Online players who want to help out with the Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti can learn more at the EVE Insider Dev Blog.

via: Gamasutra

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