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Celebrating The Escapist‘s Community Founders

Birthday Imp

To celebrate a full decade of The Escapist, we poked around the user database to pick out the most dedicated Escapists out there. This list is comprised of the first community members to create accounts, and are still active on site to this day. These are the folks that kickstarted the on-site community we all enjoy today.

Of course, forums didn’t get added to The Escapist for some time after we initially launched. Some of these community members have been around for so long, in fact, that they inherited their accounts from our old sister site, WarCry.

To celebrate years and years of dedication on the part of these lovely people, we’re awarding them each one year of Publisher’s Club. A huge thank you to all of the members below, and to each and every one of you. Prolific posters and forum lurkers alike. You keep us going, and we want to thank you for that.

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