God of War: Chains of Olympus developer Ready at Dawn is abandoning the PlayStation Portable.

The studio started in 2003 with the development of Daxter, a critically-acclaimed first title for Sony’s PSP. Four years and another PSP hit later and Ready at Dawn is moving on from portable games development.

An announcement on the company website proclaimed plans to proceed past portable game development:

With Chains of Olympus going Gold in Japan, we’re now officially done with PSP development.

So today we sent all our devkits back and seeing all these boxes ready to be picked up definitely marks the end of an era here at Ready At Dawn.

Can’t wait to show you guys what we have in store….

No word was given as to what the studio’s future projects might be, but it’s worth noting that Ready at Dawn also ported the PlayStation 2 game Okami over to the Wii.

Source: Joystiq

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