Change Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ Dog Into a Wolf For $2


Is Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ “wolf skin” the new horse armor?

Anyone who’s heard anything about Call of Duty: Ghosts should know that the dog is someone you really care about. But what if you don’t care about dogs? What if you’re more of a cat person? Or a wolf guy? Well then, Activision has got you covered, announcing a $1.99 DLC pack that changes the multiplayer “guard dog” killstreak into a wolf.

The DLC will be available from December 12 as a timed-exclusive on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. There’s no word yet on when it will be coming to the game’s other platforms, but we have been assured it will get there eventually. The guard dog killstreak can be activated after a player gets five consecutive kills without dying. Doing so dispatches a dog to your side that will follow you, growl when enemies are nearby, and attack them.

This DLC draws a surprising amount of parallels to Bethesda’s infamous horse armor, which cost $2.50 and offered a single cosmetic change. Since then, the term “horse armor” has come to be associated with useless and overpriced DLC packages.

But it now looks like Activision is stepping up to the plate, in an effort to replace the horse armor moniker with “wolf skin”. Seriously, is anyone at all excited by this? The worst part is we all know it will most likely sell incredibly well, prompting the release of more such packs (stay tuned for the coyote and hyena skin packs!)

Source: Activision Official Instagram

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